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Monday, January 22, 2007



Hi Ele, I tried e-mailing you but it bounced back, e-mail me please at veldapond(at)gmail.com so that I can reply. Thank you :D


how much for the bento set (shipping, US dollars)? I LOVE IT! Are they all sold out?


i scrolled down to a july post where some decole was for sale - is all of that sold out? some did say sold out, but many did not of which i am very interested in. sorry if i'am asking a stupid question - rather new to crafting, blogs and decole. thanks!!


Hi Romainep,
Welcome to this new world :D
I update both Decole posts when items sell out so if it's showing as being available then 9 times out of 10 you wont be disappointed.
Hope this helps.
If you'd like to place an order then please feel free to mail me veldapond(at)gmail.com thank you so much for your interest.
Bye for now, Velda x


Hi Amelia,
Which Bento were you interested in? Some are sold out, others are available. Still confused? Please e-mail me veldapond(at)gmail.com and we'll figure it out.
Bye for now, Velda x


ooohh you really do have the most amazing things... I have to check back more often so I don't keep missing out!!


Velda -

Thank you so much for my tea for one (I LOVE IT!!) and for all of your great customer service, I hope to buy from you soon and often :)

Heather Bergstrom

Thank you Velda!!!! I love my bento and mug....


is it too late to order any of these items?


Hi Beth, so sorry, I forgot to update this old post to say no, it's not too late.
Please visit the store and all will be revealed:


Hello, I would like to buy your entire cupcake bento set. Please detail the prices of each item, assuming any are still available!

Thank you!


Hey, I was interested in some of these items, could you e-mail me how much are the shipping costs to Spain? I especially love the mushroom photo frame, how big is it? Thanks! ^^

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