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July 01, 2007



I have no idea how to buy

help! (lol)

I would like to buy:

the little red riding hood card holder

The manners Mushroom stamp set

The "Rolling Fungi" set in red

and a Red Mushroom bento pot

please email me and let me know how to and total with ship

thank you

ratstomp18 at yahoo dot com
(to avoid spammers)


If you would like to order the e-mail me [email protected] with your wants list and location and I'll get back you with a total including postage :D


Hi I send you a mail to buy 1
Decole - Plastic Bento/mushroom
this is my email
[email protected]

Kim Covell

I am interested in the Air Travel, Mushroom Bento and Retro stack containers. Shipping and total price to US?


Hi Kim, I'll let you know in the next day or two. Hope that's OK & thanks for stopping by :D

Kim Covell

No problem! Whenever you have a chance.


Hey Kim, I've e-mailed you with all the info. Thank you x

Nyssa Sharp

Hi there! Do you have any of the Decole Tea for One sets available in the Cafeteria style left?


Hi Nyssa, so sorry that style is all sold out :(



Super lady
Super Site
Super items
I love my stuff
Thankyou very much x x x x


Kirsty you are more than welcome. You are pretty darn super yourself *wink*


i'm getting my shop on for a really cool travel mug for a friend of mine who broke her last one. i wanted something cooler than some boring stainless steel job. i couldn't see one of this blog, but do you know where i could find some otherwise?


Hi Brady, I'm a little confused as to what you're looking for, sorry. Is it the trekking bottles? If so I have more coming in my next shipment due in September.
Hope this was helpful. V x


OMG. I am so in love with this stuff!!! I'm going to buy tons of it.


My things arrived today - so so so lovely. Thank you!!

Amy Ferguson

Did I read that correctly that you have some more of the aluminum bottles coming in September? The same styles or different?
I am fortunate to have a sister living in Japan right now who I have put on the lookout but I am VERY interested in the aluminum bottles.


Hi Amy,
Oh yes, I have more of the Aluminum bottles on order and they are THE cutest!!! Even if I do say so myself, and I do :D
Fortunate indeed to have family in Japan ... but if she strikes out you know where to come.
Bye for now. Velda x

Amy Ferguson

If she lucks out that just means I will have a few more because as soon as you get them in i'm ordering! Thanks for the quick response!


Velda, the link you put up from the old blog isn't working.You added an l to the end of the URL. I worked it out though!
Blessings,Kristy x


Kristy, thank you so much ... would you believe I did it on all of them, the dangers of cut & paste!!
It's OK now though, thanks to your eagle eye and quick thinking I've sneaked back in and sorted it. Now nobody will ever know, that is unless they read the comments *wink*
V x


Hello Velda,

I LOVE the stuff i ordered from you, it did make me grin when i opened up the box. I gave some of it as a birthday present and she LOVED them. It certainly makes a room nicer. I will be checking back to see other things you'll be selling!!!!!

Thanks alot,



Hi there,
is it possible that you will be getting the lovely eiffel tower fellow back?
<3 Jess x


OOoh! I just received my Decole stuff!!! It's UBER cute! ^.^ I love it. Thanks again!


Angelina Chalmers

hello, I would like to order some stuff, 1 x shinzi katoh bento forest mushrooms, 1 x Teal Teapot, 2 x small or large glass storage jars in Red please, 4 dish set, and also decole owl hook. Will you let me know the price buy email please and when i can expect them. Thanks
Your web page is great :):)


Hi, just wonderingg if you're still have this?
Decole - Peter & Paul Hanger - £5.00. Email me pls. Thanks

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