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Saturday, August 19, 2006



Beautiful and inspiring!!


Thank you, from one bird lover to another *wink*


The tile is beautiful. I love the little flower details. It reminds me of a local ceramicist (is this a word?!) here in Northern Ireland called Diane McCormick. She includes birds, fishes and wild glazes in her work. unfortunately her site seems to be down at the moment. :)


It's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by, that's how I found you. :)


OK, so now I see you are Glumpire of Enid collection fame. I'm a bit slow sometimes. ;)


Ahhh, Michelle, you're not slow! If any one's slow around here then it's gotta be me, totally forgot I'd switched ID's for that post :D
Well done for putting 2 & 2 together though. What gave me away?!


oh wow...these are gorgeous!!

Rebecca Y. C. Huang

Please do let me know if you would like to sell it in the future. Thanks !

H is for Home

Hi Velda,

I've only just discovered Lisa Larson last week- I love her stuff- and here she is again- I must get myself one of her lovely tiles!!


I'm looking for Lisa Larson wall tiles.

Really interested in buy lisa larson tiles !!
Help me in finding them.

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